This message is usually because the Dirac program on your computer cannot contact the Dirac servers. This can be for a number of reasons but some of the more common ones include:


-Dirac’s servers are offline for maintenance. (Solution: try again later)

-Your computer does not have access to the internet. (Solution: Make sure the computer has a reliable internet connection)

-Your computer does have access to the internet but the comms are being blocked by your internet security. (Solution: Temporarily disable your security whilst optimising)

-Your computer has a setting or program that is not allowing comms to happen properly. (Possible solution: Make sure that Dirac is the only program running and that any unnecessary background processes are halted)


Another potential solution is to re-install DIRAC, available to download from,av-receiver,AV-Receiver,avr850.htm#downloads.

Try also DIRAC 1.2.1 -