2.8.18 Firmware Issue


Some matrixes have downloaded 2.8.18 firmware version. This is corrupted and the matrix must download the previous firmware version 2.8.17.

1 Typical symptom:

The matrix appears to boot up correctly, until it reaches this stage shown below. Neo Logo is on, System and Network LEDs are green, and Cloud LED is red. Then all LEDs turn off, and the system starts up again, and continues in this cycle.

2 Steps to take:

  1. Ensure that router/firewall etc will allow traffic through to Pulse-Eight servers. e.g. In BT router, disable smart setup.
  2. Power off matrix at switch.
  3. Disconnect all inputs and outputs from matrix, leave only power and network (ethernet) cable plugged in.
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Power matrix back on.
  6. You should see system and network led both flash green. This means it is downloading firmware.
  7. Matrix will reboot
  8. Check matrix firmware version after reboot, through webUI. It should say 2.8.17.

2.1 If matrix is on Static IP:

Follow these steps matrix doesnt download new firmware at step 5 and is on a static IP., 

  1.  Please use a pin to press factory reset button, shown below.

  1. Press and hold button after NEO logo turns on(white led)
  2. Keep button pressed, wait until system and network LED turn orange and then turn off
  3. Release button. Factory reset will enable DHCP and hence get correct IP settings for the matrix.
  4. Repeat steps 1-8 as above.

2.2 Force Update:

If step 6 still didnt work, try the steps below:

  1. Open a browser window (preferably Firefox/Chrome) and type in the address bar <ip>/monitoring/forceupdate where <ip> is the IP address of the matrix.
  2. Open cmd and type ping <ip> -t . n You will get probably no response to packets when the matrix is off.
  3. Turn matrix off, wait for 30 secs, and turn back on.
  4. Wait for matrix to respond to pings. This usually happens when the network LED changes from orange to green.
  5. The instant that the matrix responds to pings, send <ip>/monitoring/forceupdate through browser. The browser window should say {Result:True}
  6. Send forceupdate command at least 4-5 times for good measure. Note: you need to be quick.
  7. When the update is succesful, the matrix will say Downloading update.
  8. Go through steps 7 and 8 of section 2.

Hope this fixes your units.