Symptoms - unit turns on, runs for a while, then turns off randomly. Can boot up but unstable.

Seems to be quite a wide spread issue all of a sudden with neo:8s.

P8SN1144544 - this unit is now just in some sort of  reboot cycle, we tried to reset the unit using a pin but the unit is now just starting to boot up, then failing, and starting the boot sequence again.

Got a second neo:8 out on site that dies after 30 minutes. This was fresh out of the box, worked ok for a bit then dies - random lights flash on the front with no apparent pattern.

3rd neo:8 on out on a different site - no lights, the neo light doesn't turn on, the lights on the front randomly flash on and off.

Can't connect up to any of these as they are non-network responsive so can't really give you any fault reports or firmware versions.

We are opening the other 4 units we got from the last shipment to test them all in case it's a batch issue. 

Please advise ASAP what you think we should do here.

Solution from Pulse-EIGHT

We have had a couple of units give similar issues but we though they must be isolated.  The symptoms you have described match the 12/48v board failing on the Neo 8.

Please can you confirm the other Serial Numbers so we can investigate manufacture date.

On the other units we were able to swap the board over to recover the unit. - Would you be happy to do do this if we shipped the boards to you.

Bradley had made short videos for our other client on how to remove and replace the boards from the chassis. Please follow the links below to view the videos.

Video One

Video Two

Video Three