Did some testing with the P8 Ultra extender trying to replicate a fault a dealer is having out on site and managed to do so. 

Equipment in use:

- Apple TV 

- Tribs - Tributaries HDMI cable, HDMI 1.4, 1080p 

- R.3 - Kordz R.3 HDMI 2.0 2160p 18GBps

- Arcam - Arcam AVR390 Recevier

- Lyngdorf - Lyngdorf MP-50 Processor

- 4x4 - Pulse-EIGHT neo:4

- Ultra - P8 Ultra Extender Kit

- Pro - P8 Pro Extender Kit

Apple TVTribsUltraUltraTribsArcamFailSlow flash green
Apple TVTribsProProTribsArcamPassSolid Green
Apple TVTribsProUltraTribsArcam75% pass
Apple TVTribsUltraUltraTribs4x450% pass
Apple TVTribsUltraUltraR.34x450% pass
Apple TVR.3UltraUltraR.34x4PassSolid Green
Apple TVR.3UltraUltraTribs4x4FailFast flashing green
Apple TVR.3UltraUltraR.3ArcamFailSlow flash green
Apple TVR.3UltraUltraR.3LyngdorfFailSlow flash green
Apple TVR.3ProProR.3ArcamPass
Apple TVR.3ProUltraR.3LyngdorfPass

Question - what's the difference between the fast flash on the Green light next to the HDBaseT port and a slow flash?

What it appears to point to is that individually, all the products are ok, they work fine, but:

- Using the Ultra extender kit into a receiver gives no picture

- Using the Pro Extender kit in place of the Ultra gives a picture

- Using a combination or ProTX and Ultra RX gives picture

- Using older cables suck

Interestingly, using your HDMI 4kDS unit to downscale the signal out of the Ultra extender kit before going into the Arcam produces a solid HDBaseT link, but no picture. 

Anyway I do need some sort of solution for the Ultra extender kit into a Receiver, as that's the exact set up required in this solution. 

Solution: Pulse-EIGHT recommend firmware upgrade

Would you be able to update the Ultra extender set, the instructions are in this link

This includes an application that is 61MB