It has recently been announced by IBM, who acquired The Weather Channel and Weather Underground, that they will be discontinuing their Weather Underground cloud service which is currently being used by Total Control MRX units to display weather on TKP-series LCD keypads, TDC-series touchscreens and the THZ-100.

The decommissioning of the Weather Underground cloud service will start January 1, 2019 and will be completed early February 2019. We are in the process of creating a new expanded weather module that will utilize The Weather Channel cloud service which is scheduled to be included in the February 5, 2019 Live Update to our Accelerator software.

If a customer’s system does not use the current weather service on their UI’s, their system will not be affected. We have tested all UI’s with both Total Control 1.0 and 2.0 and have determined that with no information being sent to the MRX base stations the UI’s simply display the last weather information (did not update). A basic “soft reset” of the Master MRX unit will remove all Weather information from the User Interfaces. At this point the UIs will no longer display any weather information.

There are three options that you can discuss with your customer:

1. Wait until the February 5 update, remotely upload your customers program and then download to it with the new Weather Channel service. Please be aware, that the new service will only work with Total Control 2.0.
2. Remotely upload your customers program into Accelerator, then in step #1 under, Weather City click the Set button. When the Weather City pop up opens, click Clear then Save. Close the window and then download to the customers system. This will eliminate the weather service from the UI's.
3. Do nothing, wait until the current weather service is discontinued and then have your customer do a soft reboot on both the MRX base station and UI’s. The weather will no longer be displayed.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.