The following is the RMA process for any of Advance Audio's distributed products.

Note that RMAs cannot be accepted unless they have been authorised by our service department. RMAs are not credits - it is only an authorisation for equipment to be returned to us for evaluation. 

Handling of RMAs can only be performed by technical support - no other staff is able to offer advance replacements, warranty repair, or offered any service without technical support sanction.

Goods should be returned in original packaging. We assume no liability for incorrectly packaged returns. Non-compliance may result in charges for restocking of the product or refusal of the credit. Returned goods should also be accompanied by the correct Shipping Labels. If these forms are not attached to the goods then your claim may be delayed and may be refused to be processed altogether.

We also encourage dealers to fill out the Condition Report for maximum efficiency. We take no responsibility of damage of your item or loss of accessories if this is not completed.

Advance Audio Australia reserves the right to return to the customer any product that is not faulty together with an invoice for up to $120 for freight and handling.

Classifcation of Faulty Products

  • DOA - Dead on Arrival. DOA period is 10 business days from shipping date. If DOA is not reported in this time then the RMA will be treated as a Warranty case. If an item is sold to an end-user and it is the end-user that reports a DOA within 10 business days of purchase from your business, then with appropriate invoice documentation from you to the end-user this will be treated as a DOA. Outside of this, Warranty procedures will apply.
  • Warranty - Refer to Warranty Periods. If repair falls outside Warranty Period applicable to the brand, then RMA is treat as Non-Warranty case.
  • Non-Warranty - Repair charges will apply.

Repair or Replace Procedure

  1. Dealer makes contact with service department for troubleshooting.
  2. If product is deemed faulty and in need of return, dealer fills out Support Ticket.
  3. Tech support receives the case and within three business days will issue an RMA number to the dealer.
  4. The dealer must attach the RMA number to the faulty product using these Shipping Labels and complete the Condition Report.
  5. Shipping - if:
    1. DOA - Advance Audio will arrange and cover freight for the collection and return of faulty and replacement product.
    2. Warranty and Non-Warranty - dealer is responsible for freight of faulty product back to us. Advance Audio will freight product back to the dealer. 
  6. Once shipped our warehouse will receive the RMA and hand to service team for repair/replace. Service team will acknowledge receipt of the goods in our software.
  7. Note that if a credit is due, the returned products will need to be complete with accessories and packaging before a credit is given. 
  8. Advance Replacements -
    1. Pending approval from our service department, replacement products will be shipped with an invoice.
    2. When the replacement product has been returned to us and verified the invoice with be credited. 
    3. The faulty product relating to the Advance Replacement must be returned to us within 14 days of the dealer receiving the item(s) for the dealer to receive a full credit, otherwise a 20% restocking fee will be charged.

Goods Incorrectly Ordered

  1. Dealer must follow RMA procedure and must return these goods within 10 business days of shipment. Our service team will evaluate the return and as long as goods are in original condition a full credit will be issued. Dealer is responsible for freight.
  2. If dealer returns these goods after 10 business days of shipment a 20% restocking fee will be charged. Goods must be in original condition. Dealer is responsible for freight.
  3. If goods are not returned in original condition, whether within 10 days or not, a full credit will not be granted. The goods can still be returned but we will have to assess it's condition and advise accordingly.
  4. We do not normally offer a refund simply because of change of mind. However, under certain circumstances we may grant such a request, and charge up to a 50% restocking fee as deemed appropriate by us, or refuse restocking altogether. Time since original invoice, condition of goods and usage scenarios will affect the restocking fee.